Conversations with women about their multiple roles in the family business.

Picture Courtesy of Forrey and Galland

Forrey and Galland – Dreams Made of Chocolate

Interview with Isabelle Jaouen, Founder of Forrey and Galland, Dubai When walking past the many shop windows within the enormous expanses of the Dubai Mall, one of the largest shopping centres in the world, it’s easy to wonder what level of competition each store faces. Arriving at the colourful chocolate […]

Picture Courtesy of Fundacion NUMA

The Foundation of Family Business

 Interview with Jose Ramon Sanz, Founder of the Fundacion NUMA José Ramón Sanz belongs to the third generation of a business family responsible for automotive giant Dalphimetal, now in its fourth generation. With an abundance of support from each generation, the business has grown to generate wealth for both the […]

Photo by Bruce Hong on Unsplash

The Wonderful Story of the Henriquez Family

Interview with Cristina Henriquez Love… Likely the most powerful emotion known to human kind. As literature, poetry and all other art forms have always told us, it is the one feeling that allows unparalleled euphoria as well as downright misery; that gives strength beyond measure or the best excuse for […]

Picture Courtesy of Yislamoo

Yislamoo: Greetings from an Enterprising Family

Interview with Rasha Hamdan, Yislamoo family business partner: For every special occasion, there is a perfect card that captures the moment and allows us to share it with someone special. In the west, the tradition of card giving is deeply ingrained in modern culture as brands like Hallmark produce custom […]

Picture Courtesy of Right Bite

Right Bite: Healthy Eats Delivered To Your Doorstep

Interview with Right Bite founder Nathalie Haddad Nathalie Haddad was an in-demand dietitian who held one-on-one counseling sessions, conducted regular lectures at schools, and taught healthy cooking classes. Today, she runs a nutritional consultation and healthy food delivery company called Right Bite, which provides convenient and nutritious dining programs for […]

Picture Courtesy of BaemBu

BaemBu: Eco-friendly Clothes Made From Bamboo

Interview with co-founder Aimee Changco Trendiness and sustainability are one at BaemBu, a clothing startup that produces eco-friendly t-shirts in the UAE. By using bamboo for material and adhering to the highest ethical standards, this newcomer to the clothing world is already looking to take the lead in sustainable fashion. In […]